Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I brought out some beginner puzzles for Adam last week and they have been wonderful conversation pieces for us. Here is the first puzzle I gave him.
First he just explored and learned how to remove the pieces. We spent time talking about the shapes and the pictures underneath.
 We practiced putting pieces in
 and taking them out again.
 As he tasted and explored I just labeled everything I could. We talked about their sides, their colors, their features.  
 We tried rolling them, banging them, and throwing them.
 It's always amazing to me how much babies listen. He listened to everything I said and has adored this puzzle all week long.
Just wanted to encourage all the mommies of babies that even the simpliest of toys can become objects for learning. Language is furthered through play with an adult or older child. Talk and talk and talk some more. They are listening. 

Weekly Randoms

My camera is so full of pictures of Adam and very little of the other two boys this week, but he's just so cute and changing every day so I have to capture it ALL! Our week has been too good and I'm so thankful to get to spend my days with these people. Blessed mommy!!!
Terrance is still doing piano and is getting better and better every day. I love to watch him play.
 To say that he adores the cars at the mall is saying it lightly!
 This is his and Jeremy's game. Before our morning walk, Adam and Jeremy play stroller ball in the driveway. Adam holds the ball and Jeremy begs for it then finally Adam will release it and they both think it's the best game EVER!
 He loves sliding and James loves that he needs a helper
 He screams and shouts in the back seat. He's not mad, he's actually quite happy, but oh it's loud!
 In case you were wondering if my big boys still played dress up I had to take this. Yes, they play. . . pretty much every day!
 This is another game we play every day. If not me, then dad. If not dad, then we recruit Mammy!
 My biking baby! He does wear a helmet so don't panic. This was their first bike trip and Jeremy just wanted to make sure his neck was strong enough to handle it. He loves it!
 More mall cars. I've never been to the mall this much in my entire life.
 Every morning James wants to hold Adam. It's so cute!
 Reading his card from Mimi and Randad. It came in the mail during his lunch so he stopped to read it.

Skinny Dippin'

Cutest skinny dipper I've ever seen !

 He wanted a lemon off the tree sooooo bad, but they weren't ripe ;)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Adam Randy Turns 1

Our Adam is one year old today. Although he hasn't had the easiest or most comfortable first year of life, he is happy and healthy now and adored by all of us.
Seeing Adam for the first time was so special. I had worked so hard to deliver him and he was instantly worth it.
His sweet little face stole my heart and swelled my mommy heart in order to love a third son. He was perfect: dark haired, chubby, and perfectly featured.
From the beginning he suffered from stomach pain. Sadly, it took me almost 3 months to figure out what was going on. He had a dairy allergy and it was bad!
His big brother James adored him from the get-go.
This was my favorite picture of him for the longest time. I loved the long hair and chubby cheeks.
I think this was the longest we ever let him hair get. It was so pretty and dark like his daddy's. This was actually taken right before his first real hair cut. His little pouty face proves that he didn't feel good. He never felt good. Poor baby!
 Adam was born into a busy, loud, action filled house. He fits in perfectly. He is busy, loud, and filled with action. He adores being on the go. Loves to ride bikes, ride in the stroller, go in the car, shop at the grocery store, wrestle, yell, and throw balls.
These are his favorite people!
 And family has swooped in and loved him well, too.
 He's our "baby boy"!
 Our "Chummy Chum"
 We're so glad he's here and so glad he's ONE!
  We love you, Adam.
 You are my singing, snuggling, ball rolling son.
You are special and unique and full of life.
  He loves balls and loves to sing. He knows Twinkle Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, You Are My Sunshine, Wheels on the Bus, and Blue Skies and Rainbows. He sings along with all of them!
We love our little guy and are so happy to have spent the last year with him.

 Happy Birthday, Adam!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Are you raising a man? If so, act like it.

My mind has been spinning lately as I've been reading a new book, "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge. I've wanted to talk about this book so often, but haven't found too many people willing to read it or discuss it. I'm learning so much about boys and men and it excites me that God has given me four men within my home to nurture and love. That being said, I am looking at life and others with a new set of lenses. Many of the men I see and the families I see are inspiring me on my journey of raising men, but there are also those who are very UNinspiring.

On facebook this morning I noticed a picture of an old youth group member that was taken at a scene of an accident last night. He had witnessed an accident involving a car with a woman driver and the car ended up bursting into flames. What do you think he did in that moment?

Do you think he drove on past and prayed, "Dear God help the police arrive soon!"

Do you think he got out of his car and stood as far back as was physically safe and encouraged the other brave men who were helping the lady?

Do you think he pulled over and sat frozen in fear within the safe confines of his own vehicle and wished he could do something?

Or do you think he ran as fast as he could to her car, smashed her window open, cut her out of her seatbelt with his POCKET KNIFE, and pulled her to safety?

Which of these things do you think he did?

I have another question for you before I tell you the correct answer. . . which of these reactions do you hope your son will have if he is ever faced with this exact event?

Let that sink in and be honest with yourself. What do you hope your son will do when he is 30 years old and witnesses a woman burning alive inside her car?

I would hope that you would want your son to jump out of his car and risk his life for the sake of someone else's. If you don't feel that way, then you should probably stop reading this blog post and go and stroke your son's hair, snuggle him in a fuzzy blanket, and move on with your life. If you do agree and you do hope your son would act like a hero in that situation then my question for you is, "What are you doing RIGHT NOW to prepare him for acts of bravery and manhood?"

Parents today are emasculating their boys right and left. Don't fight. Don't yell. Don't run. Don't climb. Don't pretend with guns. Don't pretend to kill. Don't be adventurous. Don't DO ANYTHING. Just sit here, be calm, and grow up and oh by the way, never become a hero.

I'm sure there were many other people who were frozen in fear at the scene of this wreck. I'm sure some drove past thinking, "Oh that's horrible. Glad that's not our car." I'm sure some men went home that night and asked themselves within their hearts, "Why didn't I do anything to help? Why couldn't I be as brave as that other guy?" Maybe even some guys couldn't have helped because they were never allowed to smash windows and play with pocket knives when they were a kid so they lacked the actual skill in helping.

After reading "Wild at Heart" I am convinced that becoming brave takes practice. Little boys practice while slaying dragons, shooting critters, punching their dad and brothers, falling off their bikes, climbing tall mountains, dangling from trees, etc. John Eldredge says, "When boys play at war they are rehearsing their part in a much bigger drama. One day we just might need that boy to defend us." Many, many people strip their boys of these opportunities because they fear what will happen if they allow them to take risks.

"Oh he might fall and cry!"
"Oh he might break an arm!"
"Oh he might hurt himself!"

We spend our lives avoiding all elements of risk.

Well, I got news for you. Your little boy,
who you hope will one day be the hero in a situation like this,
who you hope will defend his home from an intruder,
who you hope will take a stand for what's right,
will never do it if you don't let him practice.

So let me encourage you today to let your boy be a boy and if you have a boy who you have trained to run from adventure and take the easy way out, I urge you to push him to take risks. No man wants to be the guy who can't act when he needs to. No wife wants the husband that's a coward. Mommies may want their children to be safe and calm and gentle, but I assure you that your son will resent you for that one day.

Let them fall. Let them fail. Let them hurt and bleed and cry. Hug them and encourage them and tell them they are fierce and brave and BIG. And most importantly don't let them be cowards.

Oh and by the way, my friend from church, he was the hero. He saved the woman's life. He didn't flee from danger. He ran to it! I could not be more proud of my old friend. He is a hero and I hope that if my boys are ever faced with a situation like that that they will not run in fear.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekly Randoms

I've got tons of photos that I've wanted to put on the blog, so here it goes:
Free Chicken Day at Chick-Fil-A
 Big boy playing at the mall
 One of the many reasons I love my husband!
 My boy wrangler! Terrance is useful when it comes to wrangling rowdy boys!
 Can you tell Adam likes the cars at the mall? I think we've been three times in the past week or so.
 James has been making my bed each morning as an act of love for me. Love how he lined up the pillows and organized his weapons.
 Little fish
 G-Dad with his grandkids
 Terrance pulling an Air Jordan off Mimi and Randad's trampoline and into the pool. So fun!
 Playing in the rain
 James walking to a friend's house all by himself. :( sniff sniff!