Thursday, April 17, 2014

Goodbye Training Wheels

We've taken off the training wheels and aren't looking back. James just about has it and it is exhausting work. . . for both he and Jeremy.
 I'm sure every dad can relate to the pain Jeremy is in in this picture. Running behind all hunched over while your child flies through the park at top speed. Bahaha! Jeremy's back may never be the same.
 Hard work! So worth it!

New Favorite Thing


Weekly Randoms

Our week has flown by and here are some of the highlights :)
James and Adam waiting on the front porch for Terrance to come home from his camping trip.
 TBall time!
 Terrance and Adam hanging out at James' first TBall practice.

 Little Humpty Dumpty playing with his toys. So cute!
 Who knew that you were suppose to fill helium balloons just a few hours before a child's party? I didn't. I filled them the day before and by party time they were absolutely pathetic. Oh well, at least I captured this before we left Kroger to prove I did actually buy a pretty balloon bouquet.
 This was my buggy at Target last night. So funny!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

James' 5th Birthday Party

James had such a wonderful party day today. He is currently PASSED OUT in his bed having the sweetest dreams any almost 5 year old could have. We celebrated him at Going Bonkers this morning and at our house this evening and all decked out in our Batman gear for our little superhero lover.
Is he not so precious and so big?

My mom made Adam a Batman bib so he could be a superhero, too!

 Jeremy climbed all through the tunnels with the kids and loved every minute of it.
 My favorite girl came and I could not believe how big she was either! She just turned 4 last week.

 Kyle and Wendy get "Parent of the Year" awards for their participation at the party. I was impressed with their climbing skills!

Vivi would have given Adam her game card if I would have let her. She has the most giving spirit and if she thinks you would enjoy something she wants you to have it.

 This was his face when we were all singing to him. Umm, can you tell he doesn't like to be the center of attention?!

 Oh those chubby cheeks can't be turning 5! It's impossible! I love his sweet little face.

 Sleepy baby was so good during the loud party :)

James and Mammy made cupcakes for our evening party. James was excited to have Ninja Turtle cupcakes.
 Putting together his new Lego set from the Davis family.
 Group shot! You can't see Maxey and Gail and of course the photographer, Mammy, but we had a great dinner.

It was so fun celebrating James today. I can't believe he's turning 5. 5 is the age that just seems so boyish. Happy Birthday, little buddy. We have adored you for these past 5 years. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekly Randoms

I have always loved doing my "Weekly Random" posts and have just fallen so far behind on blogging lately so I'm doing some catching up. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past month or so.
Adam showing off his two new bottom teeth.
 James plucked my beautiful daffodil out of the flowerbed as a present for me. I was so sad at first, but then the next day the weather froze and it ended up he actually saved the little flower's life.
 James sobbing because he didn't get his full allowance one week. I love this picture because it showed him that we are serious about work in this family and that "If a man shall not work he shall not eat (or buy Legos)"
 Adam is just a little bit loved.
 Our new find off the facebook garage sale. My little pirate loves it so much.
 First time riding in the shopping cart
 Swinging on the tire swing with Mammy
 Eating his toes. YUM!
 My class. I love them!
 Starting at this time last year Terrance has been given a memory verse to learn each week. This is the collection of verses he knows. This is one of the many reasons I love homeschooling him.
 This is James' collection.